Treatment Method:

Most of the herbalists and healers use mixture powder of leaves, flowers, stems, berries and roots of the plants to prevent relief and treat illness. They treat every kind of diseases according to the combination of symptoms. As per the syndrome of the diseases they make medicines in powder which is taken from different herbs and medicinal plants. During the field study, it is found that the herbalist and healers are using various herbals and life-saving plants especially in complicated diseases like Cancer, HIV Aids, Mental disturbances, High Blood Pressure and gynecological problems etc

The herbs and life-saving plants used by healers and herbalists has its own local names and it is very difficult to find their Botanical and English names. The herbalists make the medicine powder in general form, and mostly such medicines are made with the composition of more than two different plants. For that purpose they collect medicinal plants from Alpine/sub alpine, Tropical/sub tropical and temperate zones also. Some plants are very common and available. Some are very rare and seasonal..


Treatment methodology is based on practical implementing technique. It will use very common and simple observation method to find out the results. Because, the treatment, study and research is directly related with patients and the result will show what is happening.

The composition of medicinal plants and herbals are a kind of food items. There is no need to implement or use the experiment in other animals like frog, and rat etc. Being a kind of foods, it can be used directly by patient and it is a general trend especially in rural communities.

Patients treatment output is assessed as described below:

A.        The selected patients’ dependable variable will be measured before the introduction of the treatment.

B.         The treatment will be then introduced and the dependable variable will be measured again after the treatment introduces.

X. On this simple method the effect of treatment will be equal to the level of the phenomenon after the treatment (B) minus the level of the phenomenon before the treatment (A) i.e.

X = B - A = result.

This is general and informal research modality and everybody can see the result.

In the second phase of the program two groups of patients will be selected. The patients will be divided into two groups. One group will be called tested patient to whom treatment will be introduced (B) and second group will be called control group of patient (C) to whom not introducing the treatment. The dependable variable is then measured in both the groups at the same time. The treatment impact is assessed by subtracting the value of the dependent variable in the control group from its value in the tested patient i.e.

Level of phenomenon after treatment (B) and Level of phenomenon without treatment (C)

                Treatment effect (X) = B – C = Result.

This assumption of study will be the superior to see the impact of the treatment.