Mission & Vision

"Expand life , Comfort death is our minimum motto"

This historical journey towards cancer treatment started along with the initiatives taken by victims of Cancer patients and their family members. This effort in the field of cancer treatment is being taken place from the March 2005. This program is based on the true story of person suffering from cancer disease, given the fact that to whom concerned hospitals, nursing homes and doctors said no more treatments possible, actually got cured or relieved from the herbal treatments. It got started when all the related people gathered in a place and discussed about any additional possibilities of treatment of cancer through any means. Different people gave different ideas and lastly a decision was made to use medicinal plants/herbals for treatment of cancer. We have consulted with some doctors. Dr. Surendra is leading the team of doctors and they analyze the patient reports. Each of them belonging to different parts of the country, altogether make a decision to start study, research and at the same time use the medicinal herbal plants practically in the treatments for different kinds of cancer, under the direction of Mr. Devendra Basnet, (traditional practitioner and experienced healer). The concerned people then committed to use whatever sources possible to find out herbalist and healer (Mr. Devendra Basnet) who are working in this field from his generation. We have used our own sources to find out traditional herbalists who are working in this field and at the same time, we made a group first to search those traditional and experienced herbalists from different parts of the country and we made gathering point in Kathmandu to know their practical knowledge about the diseases. Under the leadership of Mr. Devendra Basnet, we collected more than 25 herbalists from different parts of the country and make a three days discussion program with them. Mr. Basnet is from Khotang district of Nepal and he is an academic professional herbalist. We also involved some cancer patients to check them and start treatment through those herbalists under the guideline and close supervision of Mr. Basnet.