Message From Chairman

In spite of the advancement of human beings, Cancer has still not been conquered even to this day and age. In the context, where long research and exploration carried out by Science has remain futile, unnatural and chemically laden eating and living habits of people has led Cancer to become an enormous challenge in today’s world. Cancer not only causes death - it couldpossibly also make the family of cancer patient bankrupt. This is not a situation that occurs only in fictitious stories; in fact, we have all seen and experienced such misery. It is not so easy to accomplish our goal. However, despite the difficulties and adversities we have been able to get many positive results since 2003 of traditional way of study, examination and treatment. And thus, we can proudly declare that we can defeat cancer by surmounting innumerable challenges through the traditional way. But, to achieve this, effort only from my side and my team may not be sufficient. We absolutely need continued advice and support of experts and well-wishers to make this huge campaign a success. And, I do always hope for this. I am certain that our efforts will not be toward fulfilling our vested interests, but it will be a matter of great pride and joy for people all over the world.

                                                                                                           - Devendra Basnet
                                                                                                    Chairman/Chief Researcher
                                                                                     Nepal Cancer Cure & Herbs Research Pvt. Ltd.