Krishna Prasad Pokharel Director

Krishna Prd. Pokharel

Permanent Add: Biratnagar-4, kanchanbari
Temporary Add: Sinamangal-9, Kathmandu
Contact No: +977- 9851136526, +977-1-4437166

Personal Information

Name: Krishna Prd. Pokharel
Father’s Name: Bam Prd. Pokharel
Mother’s Name: Ratna Kumari Pokharel
Date of Birth: 14/08/1961
Nationality: Nepali
Religion: Hindu Sex: Male
Marital Status: Married
Language: Nepali, English, Hindi, UrduW

Key Qualification ·

Bachelors in Humanities fromTribhuwan University ·
Intermediate level in Humanities from Tribhuwan University ·
Secondary School: Shree Gograha Secondary High School, Biratnagar

Projects On:

Nepal Cancer Cure & Herbs Research Pvt. Ltd.

Personal Skills:

Traditional practitioner
Sound knowledge of  plantation, collection & conservation of herbs .

Work Experiences:

Researcher Cancer care & Herbs Research Center (2012/09/05 to 2015/07/22)
Managing Director/ Researcher in Nepal Cancer Cure & Herbs Research Pvt. Ltd. till date
Research on cancer by herbs scince 2016